Pull request notifications and reminders for Azure DevOps

CatLight will show PR notifications on your desktop. It will display an alert when you get a new pull request, or your PR is reviewed.

Azure Devops new PR notification

The CatLight icon will change from green to blue when you have open pull requests to review. This will remind developers that they need to check the PR, even if they missed the notification.

CatLight pending pull request status tray icon CatLight good status tray icon

How to configure PR notifications?

1. Get CatLight app

Download CatLight. The app works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2. Connect to Azure DevOps

Click on "Start new configuration", and select Azure DevOps connection. Provide the url of the account where you want to monitor pull requests.

Connect to Azure DevOps to monitor PRs

3. Select projects to monitor

CatLight can monitor pull requests in multiple Azure DevOps projects and accounts at the same time. You can later share the monitoring settings with the team, so each developer does not need to configure this individually.

Azure DevOps pull request monitoring settings

4. Get desktop notifications

CatLight will show a notification when a new PR appears or your pull request is closed.

Azure Devops new PR notification

The screenshot above shows a notification on Windows, and it will look similar on macOS and Linux. Your whole team can stay aware, regardless of the platform that they are on.

CatLight benefits for PR monitoring

A better alternative to email PR notifications

Compared to email notifications, CatLight saves your time by focusing on the current state, and not the history of changes. Developers can get too many PR notification emails, and will start ignoring them after a while. Unlike emails, CatLight keeps reminding engineers about pending PRs with a tray status icon, until they review them.

Pull request status dashboard

CatLight can show the status of your incoming and outgoing PRs on a monitoring dashboard. It will also show the personalized status of release pipelines, build pipelines, and work items. You can create multiple dashboards and share them with the team.

The default dashboard has two panels:

  • Action list, which includes all incoming pull requests and other action items for the current user.
  • Watch list that will show outgoing PRs that you have created for other people, with the newest pull requests on top.

CatLight dashboard

Pull request review notifications

When your team member starts reviewing your PR, he can click on "start review button" in the app to notify you about it. You can also see if someone is reviewing your PR right now on the dashboard.

Improve team productivity

CatLight improves the productivity of the whole engineering team. It can help to merge pull requests faster and reduce distractions for developers. Read more about use cases for developers, and benefits for managers.

Who is using CatLight for PR notifications?

CatLight is used by leading large and small companies to get pull request reminders. See the list of top users and their testimonials.

CatLight is a top app on Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace , with over 40,000 installs and 4.5/5 rating.

Monitor builds, releases, and work items

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