How to use PAT(Personal access token) in Azure DevOps/TFS

In Azure DevOps/TFS web ui, click on your user picture in top right -> Security -> Personal access tokens -> New Token.

  • In the organization dropdown, select "All accessible organizations"
  • Either provide a "full access" scope, or more granular access that should include:
    • Build - Read and execute
    • Code - Read, Status (for getting pull requests)
    • Graph - Read
    • Identity - Read
    • Project and Team - Read
    • Release - Read
    • Test management - Read
    • User Profile - Read
    • Work Items - Read and Write
  • You can set a long expiration time to avoid repeating this process frequently (e.g. 1 year)

In the CatLight app, use a personal access token instead of a password, and keep the user name empty.